Monday 23 April 2012

Commercial Vehicle Show at NEC, Birmingham. CV Show - PART 2

2011 was also a busy year for the Volkswagen Commercials stand at the Commercial Vehicle Show, as they unveiled their long-awaited new 4x4 Utility Pick-Up, the Amarok.  They also displayed the updated Euro 5 version of the VW Transporter T5, alongside an original split-screen Transporter van from the sixties:

A rare sight of the never-officially-released Ford Transit Super Sport Van SSV, which was a sight to behold with its 3.2 litre, 200bhp TDCi engine, custom chrome & white 19-inch Alloys, pearlescent white paint and one-off styling.  Here's a few shots from the VANorak's private collection (oh yes, you know he loves vans that much, especially when they look this good!):

Here are a few other photos from around the NEC at the CV Show 2011, including an Aston Villa liveried Fiat Punto Van, some classic AA heritage commercial vehicles, New Ford Ranger pickup and a Sprinter fitted with an Alloy Bodies of Manchester Luton body with a curved roof "Considerably Greener than Yow!":

The VANorak will of courser be at this years CV Show tomorrow and Wednesday, tagging along with a small contingent of staff from Maun Motors (Commercial Vehicle hire & sales company), so if you're there, keep an eye out for a bit of an anorak with more than a healthy penchant for vans...

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